Exclusive yacht painting

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
But you yourself decide what you see.

Has your yacht lost much of its shine or is the colour simply wrong? Is the gelcoat porous or are you having problems with corrosion? Time for a refit. Through the combination of sandblasting and spray painting heller can repaint your yacht in unbeatable quality at a reasonable price.

Thorough preparation is essential before painting. First of all your boat is therefore ground at heller. And generally it is also blasted. Because only sandblasting completely removes osmosis or corrosion intrusions. Subsequently FRP damage can be laminated, unevenness filled and the hull and deck can be primed with an epoxy sprayed primer coating and then sealed. Only then the fine grinding provides a pure surface finish - which is the basis for the perfect final painting of your yacht.

Our paint shop near Berlin can accommodate yachts of up to 25 m length and 5 m width. It is optimally illuminated and diagonally ventilated. State-of-the-art spraying technology ensures that the paint is evenly applied and many times thicker than layers painted on using roller and brush. Constant working temperatures and furnace drying with up to 65° C ensures the necessary surface hardness and prevents the formation of blisters or the paintwork peeling off.

We exclusively use high-quality 2K high-tech lacquers. We can lend your boat an additional shine through applying clear ceramic coatings. We naturally take into consideration any manufacturing requirements of our clients. However, we are less flexible when it comes to the result: because that must always be brilliant, wear-resistant, durable and easy-caring. And this includes the colour strips of the construction water line, decorative strips and inscriptions - whether they are painted on or made of foil.

Yacht Painting

Thanks to a new transportation trolley, heller Nautical Services can now paint yachts weighing up to 20 tonnes and up to 4.60 m high in Berlin  [more...]


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