Expertise in yacht painting

Today, almost every shipyard offers yacht painting. However, high-quality coating of the hull, deck or superstructure of sailing yachts and motorboats requires a great deal of expertise and belongs in the hands of specialists. heller is a specialist company that has a proven track record of extensive painting expertise and concentrates entirely on the spray painting of ships in its Nautical Services division. A difference that you can see (for a long time).


We turn a yacht into a statement of your individuality.

What does it take to turn your idea of a dream yacht into reality? The ability to listen, professional expertise, a good dose of experience and, of course, a little time. Sounds like little, but it's hard to find (or hard to pay for). heller Nautical Services has everything you need to realise a floating masterpiece together with you: excitingly different in look, economical and better than new thanks to outstanding coating systems for the hull, deck and superstructure.

Areas of expertise at heller


For over 25 years, heller Lackiererei GmbH has been painting vehicles belonging to international fleets and leasing companies as well as large and special vehicles that have to meet the highest industrial standards.


Audited and LBA-approved, heller coats aeroplanes and helicopters for manufacturers, airlines, leasing and charter companies in compliance with the strict quality and safety standards in aviation.


From TV backdrops and medical practice furnishings to lifts in the Federal Chancellery: Wherever there are special painting requirements, heller is the first choice of clients from a wide range of industries.

There is experience that pays off for you. Ours, for example.

The painting expertise that heller Lackiererei has accumulated in various specialised disciplines over more than two decades and the modern plant technology at the Brandenburger site make it possible to carry out yacht paintwork with exceptional quality and, above all, particularly efficiently. The advantage for our clients: amazingly favourable conditions, which you are welcome to compare.

So if you too would like to make your boat more attractive or are considering a refit as an alternative to buying a new one, heller has the right solutions. Because your boat also has the potential to be a real custom yacht.