heller Nautical Services ist angetreten, neue Qualitätsstandards bei Yachtlackierung und Refit zu setzen.

The Heller company

heller Nautical Services has set out to set new quality standards in yacht painting and refit. With our experience from the automotive and aviation sectors, we achieve new standards in the surface coating of yachts and boats by combining sandblasting technology and spray painting.

Lutz Heller hat den Ruf als einer der innovativsten Köpfe der Lackierbranche.


Those who do what others talk about first have a head start.

Behind all progress are people with visions. Sceptical about standards. Dissatisfied with mediocrity. Constantly in search of perfection. Uncompromising in their solutions. It is precisely these attributes that have earned Lutz Heller a reputation as one of the most innovative minds in the painting industry. Together with his team at heller Nautical Services, he puts his talents and his own love of water at the service of your project.

Successful on the market


Breaking with the norm always means having to do some convincing. When the first sailing yachts and motorboats rolled through our factory gates, it was no different than when we entered the demanding aviation sector.

Yachtlackierungen und Refits von heller Nautical Services: außergewöhnliche Güte.


From the very beginning, yacht paintwork and refits from heller Nautical Services have impressed with the exceptional quality of our work and a contemporary design and colour language, and have found broad acceptance in the market.

heller Yachtlackierung hat internationale Referenzen


The trust of a steadily growing clientele of discerning boat owners has long since made the yacht division a lively business area in our company. Our work can now be found on waters all over Europe.

Of course, we can also paint your boat in white. In addition to around one thousand other colours.

Our best recommendation is our work itself: Boats with a bright spray-painted finish attract attention in harbours and are among the highlights on any body of water. They impress with their beauty and top-class workmanship.

Owners who choose a yacht paint finish from heller Nautical Services are opting for individuality and exclusivity and want to escape the monotony of the harbours with us. With a ship with personality. Your personality