Professional refit for your boat

You should maintain the value of your yacht.
Or increase it.

heller Nautical Services offers you more than just exclusive yacht painting. In addition to the high-quality surface coating through spray painting we provide all refitting services related to the optical and technical overhauling and upgrading of your boat. If the substance of the vessel is good, this represents a real alternative to buying a new one.

A yacht is also always an investment. And often enough it is a big one. That's why you should take care of it. Apart from the core painting service Heller's Nautical Services Team therefore looks after everything that maintains or increases the value of your vessel. We perform our work with perfect craftsmanship and with the same passion that you would dedicate to your boat. But of course this involves far less effort for you.

Whether we are dealing with an FRP, steel, aluminium or wooden yacht, Heller knows how to work all types of ship-building materials. And we are just as competent at repairing damage from accidents as we are at remedying osmosis, repairing gelcoat and protecting against corrosion. We cooperate with reliable partners to provide many additional services. For instance, reconditioning and replacing teak decks and upholstery or planning or making luxurious interiors.

It doesn't matter how comprehensive your refitting measures are, heller is your sole partner for dealing with everything. This naturally also includes controlling the agreed budget and monitoring the quality of all works. Every modernisation measure enhances the value of your boat. This represents a victory over time, fashion and traces of use and the environment. It is a realisation of your ideas and style concepts, driven by the desire to set new standards.

Yacht Painting

Thanks to a new transportation trolley, heller Nautical Services can now paint yachts weighing up to 20 tonnes and up to 4.60 m high in Berlin  [more...]


Are yachts your passion and painting your profession? heller Lackiererei GmbH is constantly looking for qualified employees  [more...]