The yacht painting quest

Practising what you preach gives you the edge.

heller Nautical Services' quest is to improve the quality standards of yacht painting and refitting. Thanks to our experience from the automotive and aviation industry, we set new standards for the surface coating of boats through a combination of sandblasting technology and spray painting.

Behind every progress are people with visions, who are sceptical about recognised standards and unsatisfied with mediocrity. They are constantly seeking perfection and show no compromise in achieving their solutions. These are precisely the attributes that earned Lutz Heller his reputation as one of the most innovative personalities in the painting industry. Together with his team at heller Nautical Services he dedicates his talents and passion for water to your project.

Breaking with traditional approaches also always means having to work hard to convince others. As the first boats rolled through our company gates it wasn't any different from when we commenced operations in the demanding aerospace industry. But right from the very outset we captured people's imaginations through the exceptional quality of our work and a contemporary design and use of colours in yacht painting. The trust and enthusiasm of our constantly growing clientele has made the yacht segment a lively field of business in our company.

Today the results speak for themselves: boats that have been revitalised by spray painting at heller draw attention in the harbours they grace and rank amongst the real gems on the water - thanks to their elegance and extraordinary finish. Their owners opted for the individual and exclusive touch, and with Lutz Heller they are head of the times and have the edge on other boat owners. They have chosen a vessel with real personality - their own personality.

Yacht Painting

Thanks to a new transportation trolley, heller Nautical Services can now paint yachts weighing up to 20 tonnes and up to 4.60 m high in Berlin  [more...]


Are yachts your passion and painting your profession? heller Lackiererei GmbH is constantly looking for qualified employees  [more...]