Complete painting for Bavaria 37

Ordinary + heller = extraordinary

The latest project by heller Nautical Services proves that painting a yacht not only contributes towards preserving the value of a vessel but can also completely change the character of a boat: a Bavaria 37 Sport, formerly blue and white had left the Berlin workshop in exciting grey-anthracite following intensive work by the paint-shop foremen.  However, the actual special characteristic is a matte clear coat finish on the hull, deck and cockpit, whose unique effect is additionally highlighted through deep black high gloss applications and details in brilliant copper. With its new elegant, martial exterior, the yacht will be a real eye-catcher in its new home waters.

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heller yacht transport of the Bavaria 37 Sport
Painting preparation: grinding and deep cleaning
Spray painting the deck
Yacht painting the cockpit with Alexseal paints
Complete painting in the heller paintshop
Partial paintings of the motor yacht in brilliant copper
Combination of matte clear coat finish and high gloss clear coat finish
Priming the yacht hull
Preparation work before painting the hull of the Bavaria 37

For transforming a mass-produced vessel into a unique boat the Bavaria 37 was first ground and then subjected to a deep cleaning process. After tempering for three hours at 70 degrees, minor filling work, applying two coats of primer and renewed grinding, base paint is applied to the boat in two working steps plus three working steps to apply the clear matte finish. Even the hard antifouling layer for the submerged part of the boat is applied through spray painting, which guarantees an extremely smooth and even surface. For the entire painting process only ALEXSEAL® quality paints were used. 

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Base coat of paint and Alexseal clear matte
New yacht character through refinishing
Antifouling through spray painting for smooth surfaces
Clear coat finish in matte and high gloss
Complete painting of motor yacht in grey anthracite
Yacht painting, including cockpit and control panel
Boat painting with accent painting
The completed Bavaria 37 - a unique boat
Exclusive look following yacht painting

New trolley for yacht painting

Room for manoeuvre for boats

With a new trolley heller Nautical Services has once again increased the capacities of its large paintshop. The unique, specially built construction can carry yachts weighing up to 20 tonnes. Thanks to the low overall height of the “heavy transporter” boats with a maximum height of 4.60 metres can now also be moved. Wheels which can be rotated 360 degrees ensure maximum working mobility during spray painting and from now on enable even more flexible order processing. 

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Trolley for yachts weighing up to 20 tonnes
Mobility during yacht painting
Room for boats up to 4.6 metres high

Second life through yacht painting

From patina to perfection

Has a 30 year-old Trias got what it takes to become a splendid regatta boat? It has when the three-man keel boat receives a complete painting from heller Nautical Services. After three coats of primer, intermediate and surface grinding, double painting with ALEXSEAL® quality paints and two layers of clear coat finish the popular one-design class is once again radiant in elegant white/dark blue metallic. In addition to the smart hull design the almost 10 m long sailing boat was given an anti-slip coating painted on in three coatings and a trailer reconditioned by heller body manufacturing, which was sandblasted, welded onto the keel tub and also spray painted.

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Trias sailing boat from the 1980s before the refit
Spray painting the keel boat with quality paints
Complete painting of regatta yacht, including painted on anti-slip coating

This American brand “Chris Craft” motorboat experienced a no less impressive transformation, which involved its complete painting including the entire interior. In sporty red/anthracite metallic and with three clear surface coat finishes alone, the classic powerboat has been once again turned into a collector’s item.

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Chris Craft motorboat before being painted
Powerboat in the paintshop near Berlin
The classic sportsboat completely repainted

Yacht transport business on the roll

All year round season for professional boat deliveries

Just last year heller Nautical Services expanded its delivery fleet with a special purpose semitrailer for boats up to 18 m long and weighing up to 25 tonnes. Now the yacht transporters are even on the move through Germany and Europe during the watersports season when the majority of boats are in their wet element.

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Delivering a sailing yacht with a long keel
A 39 ft. Bavaria during heavy transport at night
An insured yacht transport with special permit

Whether this involves delivering to the shipyard, changing berth or transportation for refitting and painting: the yacht logisticians from heller Nautical Services take care of every detail, from arranging cranes and special permits right through to supervising heavy transport. Thanks to telescopic semitrailers and flexible support systems, boats with different sizes and shapes of hull can be transported. For instance in recent weeks a classic sailing yacht with a long keel reached its destination just as safely and punctually as a sporty GFK motor yacht or a “retired” steel barge.

Additional yacht painting completed

Polyurethane topcoat applied to 
14 metre yacht bare hull

14 metres long, 4 metres wide and 3.90 metres high - these are just the mere figures behind the impressive motor yacht, whose bare hull found its way to heller Nautical Services.  Still not fitted out, but looking anything but naked, it has just left our paintshop near Berlin after being completely coated.

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Preparation for yacht painting
Boat painting of a 14 metre motor yacht
Paintshop for yachts up to 18 metres long
Polyurethane topcoat being applied to a yacht
Spray painting with professional yacht coating
heller yacht paintshop near Berlin

The now classic snow white hull was finely ground, given two coats of primer and subsequently painted using a spray technique. This process used particularly high quality, polyurethane-based ALEXSEAL® topcoats specially developed for yacht painting: these enable particularly long-lasting, high-gloss and user-friendly surfaces to be produced.

Yacht transportation fleet expanded

Boat deliveries throughout Europe
with new special purpose semitrailer

heller Natutical Services has expanded its transport fleet in the segment yacht transportation and boat deliveries with a new, air-suspended special purpose semitrailer. The nine-stage telescopic low-bed semitrailer with steerable rear axle is immediately available for transporting and delivering sailing yachts and motorboats up to 18 metres long and weighing up to 25 tonnes.

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Low-bed semitrailer for transporting yachts
Transporting boats up to 18 metres long and weighing up to 25 tonnes
Delivering yachts with own truck

The insured, trans-European yacht transportation is part of the comprehensive, integrated concept of yacht painting und yacht logistics at the company heller, and includes the complete organisation of dates for cranes, shrink-wrapping service, special permits and accompanying vehicles. This is particularly interesting for customers who want to subject their yachts to a refitting process: In combination with yacht painting heller Nautical Services generally performs the delivery free of charge.  However, yacht transportation is also provided without any related painting contract, for instance taking them to a winter storage place or to the next regatta event.


Colour for Lake Wannsee

Classic lines

in new clothing

The latest yacht painting by heller Nautical Services proves that a classic vessel does not need traditional painting: an international “Folkeboot” (IF-Boot) - a small sailing boat - from Berlin’s Lake Wannsee was given an exciting redesign during the ongoing season. The small seaworthy long-keeled boat with box stern and typical S bulkhead now glitters in a radiant violet, which changes colour according to the light situation and perfectly harmonises with the cream colour of the deck and superstructure, and represents a tribute to the timeless line of the sailing yacht. 

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"yacht painting exclusive" presents itself

Trade fair means facing competition:

heller at the “boot”

Chic, attention-grabbing and successful. With two brilliant trade fair appearances at the “Boot & Fun Berlin” and the “boot 2010” in Düsseldorf heller Lackiererei GmbH gave an impressive presentation for the market for exclusive yacht painting and professional refitting.

Eyecatcher of the company segment Nautical Services was a totally redesigned “Bavaria 27”: it permanently differentiated itself from the majority of the white “also-rans” amongst the boats at the two most important trade fairs of the industry.

heller’s booth attracted numerous visitors at both locations and on all days of the trade fairs: not only owners and dealers but also shipyards, who were interested in high-quality surface finishing for watersports. The numerous contacts promise a great demand for the premium coatings from Brandenburg.

Yacht painting in moving pictures

Your boat has the
potential to play the starring role

Our short film presentation shows how an exclusive yacht painting can transform a standard maritime product into a unique nautical gem.  After professional refitting and high-quality spray painting even older boats can make a shining appearance in the yacht harbour and on the water.  

Yacht Painting

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